Benefits of cleaning your house with your kids.

There is no better way to have good relationship with your child than by doing things with them. Performing activities together with your child can help create a sense of cooperation and at the same time enhance the closeness between you and them. Some activities can be fun, and at the same time useful, such as doing household chores. Assigning jobs to kids can help them build their confidence and sense of responsibility at an early age. Though some kids will have a misconception of being assigned to help in cleaning the house thus it is appropriate to properly teach and explain to them the meaning of the kids cleaning and what it can do for them when they grow up. Here are some tips to properly assign cleaning jobs to kids:

Team Up

Team up with them in organizing tasks. Create a list of areas that need to be cleaned all over the house and organize them in chronological order. On the other hand, let your kids be involved in organizing by asking them how to clean those areas you have indicated on the list. Guide them throughout the process if needed.

Set Deadlines

Set deadlines for each task. Once the list is generated, set a deadline for each task. Kids these days already have their own schedules at an early age – with a number of activities in school as well as after-school programs, these activities can also drain kids’ energy and adding additional tasks at home will add to their stress. Set reasonable deadlines for each cleaning task and schedule them in accordance to the schedule of your kids’ activities in school and outside of school. This is in order to prevent the pressure of doing tasks out of their set schedules.


Teach them on how to properly perform the tasks. Kids can get annoyed if they have to repeat a task. In order to avoid this, teach them in a slower pace than usual on the task you assigned to them. Ensure that you are with them all throughout the activity to keep their confidence up in performing the task the right way. To further encourage them, there are kids cleaning sets that you can purchase and have them use. Having something regarded as their own can give them confidence as well.

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