Spring Cleaning Tips

Las Vegas is known to have its “dirty-secrets”, and if your, well human, your home probably has its own dirty secrets too.

We get it because we’ve all been there. Life happens fast, and cleaning gets pushed to the back burner. Sure, you can keep up with dishes and laundry, but certain areas of the home tend to be more neglected than others. With Spring around the corner, it might be time to show your house some love, and what better time to get back on track – Spring!

7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle

1. Furniture: Now is a good time to shake out the crumbs and loose change from your couch and favorite recliner, especially if you have kids. Debris that accumulates here can attract bugs and rodents.

2. Trash-Can: Trash-Cans are funny things. You buy them expecting them to get dirty, but we rarely think of cleaning them. Do yourself a favor and hose that bad-boy down. No-one likes stinky, old food that is inadvertently left behind.

3. Baseboards: Baseboards are a staple to any home, but they’re not given nearly the cleaning attention they deserve. Wiping them free of dirt, mud, and other blemishes can make it look every bit as good as a fresh coat of paint.

4. Air Vents: Spring means allergy season, so now is a good time to reduce the dust in your home. Clean the air vents and replace filters as needed.

5. Overhead Light Fixtures: Take a soft dusting cloth to your overhead lights. You’ll be surprised at what you remove – bugs, cobwebs, dust, and more. A few swipes will make it shine like new.

6. Stove Range Hood: Often used but rarely cleaned, your range hood collects grease and other contaminants. Replace the filter and wipe it free of dust and debris.

7. Window Sills: Everyone loves to open up the windows for the fresh spring breeze, but with the fresh breeze comes debris. Make sure your window sills are clean so that any extra dirt or debris won’t blow inside.

Who to Call for Help

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