Is it Time to Clean? Take this Test to Find Out

We get it: there are a million things you’d rather be doing than cleaning your house.

But if you’ve been putting off spring cleaning for the past few years, take this test to find out if it’s really time to clean your home.

Is it Time to Clean? Take this Test to Find Out

You Haven’t Had Time To Clean In Months

If you’re a working mom, statistics show you still spend over two hours every day cleaning your home. After a while, it can just get exhausting.

Still, if you find yourself stepping on your kid’s legos on the way to the coffee machine every morning, it’s time to clean.

Friends Are Avoiding Your Home

If your friends eagerly suggest “trying a new restaurant” instead of eating a home-cooked meal at your house, it might be a subtle hint your place really…stinks.

You Still Have Unopened Products

If you have cleaning products from 2006 (or earlier!) underneath your sink, it might be time to clean. We’d suggest going ahead and tossing those products, though.

You’re Considering Moving

If you think just throwing everything into a few cardboard boxes, moving to a new place and starting your life over is easier than finally facing your broom and mop…it might be time to hire a cleaning service.

You’re Festive…All Year Round

If the calendar says July, but your home decor still says “Deck The Halls!” it’s really time to clean.

Your Child Has Become A Dust Artist

If your child’s latest art projects involve a creative smearing of the filthy strands of hair and dust that have collected in your shower drain across the tile of your bathroom walls and floors, it’s time to have a serious talk with yourself.

You Have New Friends

If your dog or cat is consistently catching “presents” (read: rodents) in your home and bringing them to you in bed, we don’t even need to tell you it’s time to clean. It may also be time to get rabies shots.

Your Trash Can Looks Like Cirque De Soleil

Sure, balancing acts are cool, but not when you’ve got ten plates, three pizza boxes, old food, and clothes that don’t fit all piled on top of your trash can because you just can’t face taking it downstairs.

You Hear Things…All The Time

If you consistently hear crunching noises underneath your feet when you walk from the bedroom to the bathroom, it might be time to clean your home.

You Don’t Have To Clean Alone

With over 1.7 million people employed as house cleaners in the United States alone, you are running out of excuses as to why you haven’t yet cleaned your home.

And we’re about to make it zero excuses.

Why? Because, as a first time customer, when you enter the promotional code “Happy25” on our website, you’re getting $25 off any of our awesome cleaning services.

Take more time for yourself, your family, or just finally show the nasty, nosy neighbor that your house looks better than hers by getting in touch with us today. Let us take care of your mess.

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