7 Tips on how to clean wood floors

Wood floors are very attractive aesthetically and decorate the accent of the household. It is also one of the most difficult flooring to maintain. Here are some of the tips to maintain the wood floor clean and shiny:

  1. Conduct weekly vacuum. This is to ensure that dust accumulation is minimized. Dirt and dust has a fine grit just like sandpaper that will surely wear your wood’s finish. Weekly vacuum can be a pain, but there is Las Vegas Wood Floor Cleaner that can help you maintain your wood floors.
  2. Check for hairspray and furniture polish that strayed on the wood floors. This could cloud the floor’s finish and lose its shine. It may sometimes be difficult to scrutinize the whole flooring for this but a Las Vegas Floor cleaner could help you out on this.
  3. Remove remains and spills with a no-wax wood floor cleaner. Keep these things handy and place them in a convenient location for a quick and easy fix. If you keep the liquid stains on the floor for quite some time, it will damage your floor. This is tedious, but there are Las Vegas Cleaning Wood Floors that can help you with this.
  4. Use extra door mats. Place them strategically specially on areas of walk paths. This is to ensure that most of the dirt coming from the shoes or slippers of people will be captured by this door mats.
  5. Keep your wood floors away from the rain. Water, specially rain water will ruin the finish of your wood floor and also penetrate into the wood and stain it. Its retention on the wood can make it worse and could cause permanent damage. It is best to keep rain away from wood floors. If there is rain or rain is expected, close the doors and windows on areas where rain can seep in.
  6. Understand the difference and proper use of wax and restorers. A wax finish must use wax to rejuvenate it. A surface finish such as shellac, varnish or polyurethane must not use wax to rejuvenate it. There are polishers and restorers that must be used only on particular polisher, you must use them accordingly.
  7. Use rugs wisely. Place rugs on strategic areas where walking traffic is heavy. This is in order to capture the dust and dirt from those areas as continuous walking on the same area can wear down the wood’s finish. Use rugs that don’t have backing as they can ruin the floor’s finish by trapping humidity.

These are just some of the tips that can help you maintain a wood floor’s finish and shine. It is tedious but the rewards can be fruitful as it will maintain your over-all household aesthetic.

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  1. Mamydziecko said:

    For weekly or biweekly cleaning, vacuum with a floor-brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner or an electric broom. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar attachment, which can scratch a wood floor’s finish.

    April 4, 2020

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