Pregnant? Know Which Cleaning Products to Avoid

Whether you’re cleaning your home yourself or hiring a service, you need to know that the use of certain cleaning products while pregnant is dangerous.

Read on to find out which ones.

Cleaning Products While Pregnant: Which to Avoid

Look At The Labels

A recent survey proved that 83% of women perform household cleaning tasks every day, with an average length of over 2.5 hours.

That often doesn’t stop because of a pregnancy.

Still, it’s important not to continue on as usual with the housework when pregnant.

Step one: read the labels. If you see a telltale skull and crossbones sign, that’s an indication that you should avoid that product for the next nine months.

Also steer clear of any products labeled, “toxic, danger, poison” should also be left alone for now. Though they may not always harm the baby, they can lead to severe lung and eye irritation, which is something you just don’t need.

Instead, when searching for cleaning products while pregnant, look for labels reading “non-toxic,” “green,” and “all natural.”

Know The Ingredients

Aside from the more obvious labels, cleaning products while pregnant to avoid contain the following chemicals:

  • Phenols (used in the removal of mildew)
  • Glycol Ether (in products like window/oven cleaners)
  • Toluene (often seen in furniture or wooden floor cleaning solvents)

Avoid Mixing Certain Chemicals

Though women are now getting pregnant into their 40s, no matter your age, there are just certain cleaning products while pregnant you should avoid.

Never mix bleach and ammonia (and FYI, even if you’re not pregnant, try to avoid this as much as possible) when pregnant. It’s also best to steer clear of mixing ammonia and chlorine (used often for cleaning pools) when expecting.

If you absolutely must mix chemicals, you should open as many windows as possible in your home, wear long rubber gloves, and even put on long pants and long-sleeved shirts when cleaning.

Still, we recommend making your own, baby-friendly cleaning formula for now, easily accomplished by mixing baking soda, water, and a little apple cider vinegar. With all the money you save, you may be able to upgrade your nursery and baby gear!

In the end, with 75% of all women experiencing morning sickness, staying away from anything that could increase feelings of nausea is just the best bet. Making your own natural cleaning solutions, or avoiding mixing dangerous chemicals, is crucial during pregnancy.

Bonus Tip: For now, it’s best to go ahead and steer clear of spray can/aerosol products. Things like computer cleaners, canned air dusters, and room spray may make things easier when cleaning, but you don’t want to run the risk of potentially inhaling anything toxic.

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